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Grayman USA specializes in taking proven battle rifles to the next level. We never settle for just good enough. Every weapon we produce is designed to raise the bar and set new standards in reliability and accuracy. Our designs defy the status quo and are inspired from 14 years of operational experience deployed in the field.  We only use the highest quality parts and accessories that are hand fitted for precision. Our design and manufacturing techniques exceed quality, accuracy, and service standards that set our rifles apart. Our accuracy guarantee ensures all of our rifles meet a .25 MOA five shot group at a 100 yards using match grade ammunition.

MK12 .223 SPR

The MK12 Special Purpose Rifle (SPR) is designed for long range precision and accuracy. Breaking from the norm of other SPRs, the MK12 is chambered in .223 Wylde allowing you to fire .223 with greater accuracy and 5.56 without any pressure issues. This ultra-match chamber in 16" PROOF Research™ carbon fiber barrel is hand fitted to our matched billet receiver sets with fully ambi controls taking accuracy to new levels. The MK12 SPR has the attributes and components of our DMR but in a lighter and more maneuverable package. Guaranteed .25 MOA at 100 yards using match ammunition.


The MKAV in 300BLK removes the reliability issues known when firing subsonic and supersonic loads. Whether suppressed or unsuppressed, MKAV is designed to function flawlessly using subsonic or supersonic ammunition. We use only the best components including 11.5" PROOF Research™ barrel, 10" rail, hand fitting and tuning, and rigorous production testing. Grayman USA offers one of the most reliable 300BLK rifles whether used on the range or while hunting your favorite game.

​​*Available 16" barrel and choice of rail lengths for non-SBR option


The MKJDV DMR corrects shortcomings and issues known with standard-issued DMR rifles. Using the latest technological advancements in parts and hand fitted assembly, the MKJDV DMR improves accuracy and maneuverability with a 16" PROOF Research™ barrel, matched billet receiver set with fully ambi controls, short throw safety, SSA-E trigger, and adjustable bolt carrier for fine tuning gas adjustment regardless of firing suppressed or unsuppressed. With a collapsible stock and adjustable cheek rest, this rifle is designed to fit any shooter. The MKJDV DMR is built for unparalleled reliability and accuracy in a light and compact package. Guaranteed .25 MOA at 100 yards and SUB MOA to 1,000 yards using match ammunition.

MK75 5.56 SBR

The MK75 is a redesign of the combat proven MK18 rifle. Incorporating feedback from use in the field, our design uses only the best components on the market. This includes a match billet receiver set, fully ambi controls, enhanced bolt carrier group, 11.5" PROOF Research™ carbon fiber barrel. Our modifications and manufacturing techniques take this rifle to the next level establishing a new standard in precision. The MK75 is a lighter and more maneuverable rifle that brings extreme reliability and unheard of accuracy in a SBR. Guaranteed .25 MOA at 100 yards using match ammunition.

*Available 16" barrel for non-SBR option


Inspired by the U.S. Army's CSASS program, the CSASS MK3 SBR is a highly maneuverable .308 suppressed rifle. Designed with our matched billet receiver set with fully ambi controls, 14.5" PROOF Research™ barrel, gas adjustable bolt carrier, and included Sandman S suppressor further reduces the overall length and weight compared to existing suppressed DMRs. This is a true precision rifle in a CQB package bringing extreme maneuverability, reliability and unmatched accuracy never before found in a short barreled .308 rifle. Guaranteed .25 MOA at 100 yards and SUB MOA to 600 yards using match ammunition.

​*Available choice of barrel and rail lengths for non-SBR option


We take our commitment to accuracy even farther by testing every rifle with 10 five shot groups as part of our .25 MOA guarantee. During our rigorous testing process, we ensure 100% reliability with zero malfunctions. We also chronograph all shots for consistent velocity. Along with our test target, we include a copy of the chronograph results and our quality control checklist. No rifle is ever sold that does not meet the Grayman USA standard. After testing, each rifle is hand cleaned and lubricated ensuring flawless function and accuracy right out of the box.


Contact us for more information or purchasing on your rifle package at or 703.789.7097

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